Monday, December 14, 2015

In all honesty...

I logged into my blog tonight planning to begin a post about my new journey and all the awesome things I've had the privilege of getting to experience the past few weeks. But to be completely honest. there was more on my heart. And then I was reminded of the place I was in when I posted last on my blog. It was May of this year and I was in a place where I wasn't completely sure which direction my life was headed in, in many aspects, but God revealed to me that I was in a "waiting" phase of life. And I honestly felt peace about that. Little did I know He was preparing me to "move" in a spiritual and literal way. So here I am, living in New York. 850 miles away from the place and people I have called home for 26 years of my life.

As great as this transition has gone, as smooth as it's been, I can't say that I haven't felt lonely at times. Truthfully though, I feel like I am exactly where God planned for me to be. As lonely as I've been at times, I have felt so surrounded by His love and I feel so confident that this is only the beginning of God's great plan for my life. I often wonder why God had me in a "waiting" phase and why hadn't I met "the one" when it seemed like many of my friends were entering that phase of life. And now, WOW! His plan is making PERFECT SENSE. If I had been tied up in a relationship I would have probably never made the decision to actually pursue my dream of travel nursing. What an awesome realization. You often hear things like "God's plan is best", "He knows what He's doing" etc., and as much as you want to trust that, it's really difficult. We try to fulfill the desires of our heart with what we think is best, what we can "make work" even when we know deep down it's not God's best for us. I think that's what often leaves us with this desire of wanting more or wanting better. All too often we lay out our plans and unknowningly allow ourselves to settle because we think that's what is best for us but honestly, if we would remain patient and have faith, God really will provide the desires of our heart. And when He provides those things, they are far better than we could have ever imagined. Things we never may have dreamt on our own.

So tonight, I am reflecting on how awesome the experiences of the past three weeks have been. But I'm also reflecting on how faithful God has been, is and will continue to be. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this journey. Something about being 850 miles away from what you've always been used to puts life in a clear perspective, in the best way possible!

And of course I can't end  without adding a song...the truth in this song blows me away!


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